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For any questions or concerns about Eby Creek Mesa's Code, Covenants, and Regulations enforcement, or to report a code violation, please contact the Code Enforcement Committee at

We are trying to gather an e-mail database for the association. Email addresses will not be shared with anyone to protect your privacy and your computer. They will only be used for Association business. If you could please email us from your preferred address along with your name and lot #, we will add you to this list:

7.4 Signs. With the exception of one "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign (which shall not be larger than 18 x 32 inches), one sign bearing the name of the owner or occupant of a lot (which shall not be larger than 4 x 18 inches) and an entrance gate sign at each entrance of the Subdivision, of a type and design approved by the Architectural Committee, no signs of any kind shall be erected, displayed, or permitted to remain on any tract.

However, Senate Bill 05-100 and 06-089 says we must allow one sign per candidate or issue 45 days prior and 7 days after an election in a window or within the boundaries of the unit.

We have installed waste bag dispensers at each entrance to the park as well as at the shelter for easier clean up. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pooch. We hope this makes it easier so the park will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Section 7.6 of the Declaration of Covenants requires dogs to be on a leash at all times. Please keep your dogs under control. Eagle County Animal Control (328-DOGS) is available to assist with any problems.

Landscape Plan and Fence Construction Approval

Landscape plans and fencing not shown on your original plan approval must be submitted to the DRB prior to commencement of any work. Please call any Board member for the time and location of the next meeting.

here is absolutely no open burning allowed in Eby Creek Mesa. Please report any infractions to the Board at

Please let us know if your address or phone number changes. E-mail to or mail changes to P.O. Box 1795, Eagle, CO 81631.

If you want to attend any Board meeting, feel free to contact any board member for the date and location of the next one.

Per Paragraph 7.10 of the Declaration of Covenants of Eby Creek Mesa “No boats, unregistered automobiles, automobile parts, heavy construction equipment, trucks larger than a 3/4 ton pick-up truck, buses, mobile homes, trailers or campers shall be placed or stored on or about any lot unless garaged or screened from public view.”

The park is private property for the use of Eby Creek residents and their guests. If you know this is being violated and feel comfortable doing so, please contact the Eagle County Sheriff to handle the situation. If not, please call the Board and we will handle the situation if we are available. The pavilion is on a first come first served basis. If you plan to use the pavilion for a gathering, please email your intent so we have it on record in case we get any calls on its use.

The access to the HOA open space at the north end of Mesa Dr. is an access easement only. There is no parking allowed. Please park in the lot at the park. There is no public access to the BLM from Eby Creek Mesa. You must cross our open space to get to the BLM so this access is only for the benefit and use of Eby Creek residents and their guests. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on either the Eby Creek open space or the BLM.

We will not be providing a large dumpster this year at the park. The landfill is instituting a Free Clean-up Punch Pass. Read on.

Tired of the long lines and the inconvenience of having to schedule your spring clean up once a year to fit with Eagle County Landfill’s free day? Then we’ve got a solution for you! In its place, Eagle County Landfill will be offering a Residential Clean-up Free Pass good for the entire calendar year in which the card is issued. This punch pass will be good for residential customers only and will be limited to 1600 lbs. trash and 4 tires. This will allow customers to access the landfill free of charge during regular business hours at any time during the year instead of just the one day. The landfill staff believes this will provide more convenience to the county residents. Normal town and organizational clean-up will not be affected by this change. For more information on how to obtain your Residential Clean-up Free Pass, call 926-3626 or visit us on the web at

Recently there has been a bear visiting the south part of Mesa Drive. The Department of Wildlife set a hot pepper spray which the ranger said would chase him away immediately. The peeper spray has about 50 charges - just in case. We are looking at 4-5 weeks before the bears are gone. Please lock up your trash, remove hummingbird feeders and run your barbeque 5 minutes to burn off the food after using. If you have such an encounter please call the Div. of Wildlife at 970-947-2920. Brian Woodrich is the Division manager and the ranger who handled this situation is Craig. If you want to make a report at night call the State Highway Patrol at 970-824-6501.